Triple Duct Tape Wrap Gag and Tape Bondage

I had my hands duct taped behind my back along with my legs all taped up while sitting on the couch. I was duct tape wrap gagged 3 seperate times! First it was layers upon layers of silver duct tape. Then that was removed and more layers of black duct tape! I struggled so hard to yell over the tight duct tape wrap! After a long struggle and lots of gagged yelling I had my final duct tape wrap gag with silver duct tape. It was almost unbearable!

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This video features: duct tape wrap gag, medical tape wrap gag, stocking ball mouth stuffer, duct tape tie, hands behind back, onscreen gagging, mouth stuffing, gag talk, gag yelling, jeans, Queen, bondage, tied up, gagged

Length 12:47

Price $13.99